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Colton Fulcher Performing


From catchy pop punk riffs to country that feels at home in Kentucky hollers, Colton Fulcher spans it all.

Colton grew up playing music in Kentucky in church at starting at 12 years old. Taking what he learned from his gospel roots paired with the desire to expand into other music genres, he quickly transitioned to the edgy pop punk scene of Bowling Green in 2012 as the front man/guitarist of his band KIC. They started their US tour with his first release, “Rattling Windows.” After a few years of touring, Colton went on to playing with Ivory Picture Story as a bass musician and backing vocalist.

Now, in 2023, Colton Fulcher has made the final move to Nashville to pursue songwriting and performing as a solo artist. He can be seen live, on and off Broadway, and in local writers rounds, performing covers and originals.

Be on the lookout for what's next with hard-hitting, and ever expanding genre of an artist, Colton Fulcher.
Starting at 12 years old in church Colton grew up playing music in Kentucky. Quickly transitioning to the pop-punk scene of Bowling Green in

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