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Brian Van Meter

Brian Van Meter

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Brian Van Meter is a singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, whose predominant musical influences are rock and bubblegum pop. He's known as an accomplished guitar player, bassist, and percussionist, who performs in his bare feet.

The pop influence in Brian Van Meter's music can be easily heard in the catchy, upbeat melodies, energetic rhythms, and singable choruses. His physical appearance also clearly bears a pop influence: he often takes to the stage wearing oversized plastic glasses, skinny jeans, and an iconic T-shirt. (not sure what he wears is relevant to a bio - but whatever lol )

The rock influence in Brian Van Meter's music is easily heard in both the guitar and percussion. Although he is a gifted acoustic guitarist, Van Meter incorporates electric guitar into his more rock-intensive songs, heavily amplifying and distorting the instrument and adding reverberation effects. These songs often feature a heavier percussion section with increased use of both the cymbals and the snare drum.

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